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Christine became homeless after her husband passed away four years ago. Unable to afford rent, she applied for social housing only to discover that, she would not be allowed to take her dog Max along. Instead of giving up Max, Christine chose to live on the street with him. Christine has a very positive personality, so does Max, a giant but friendly dog.

Staying around Euston Square Station, Christine and Max cheerfully greet whoever passes by. Max’s good nature, especially attracts people’s attention.

They have built a strong relationship with many people in the area, some of whom regularly provide food and money.

“ I was even given an old laptop once!” exclaims Christine excitedly. “Since then I’ve taken an interest in web design and am trying to get a certification.


My dream job as a freelance web designer, would mean I could work from home and take care of Max.

To look after a big dog like Max, most of the money Christine receives is spent on dog food and regular veterinary checks. However, Max’s wellbeing is paramount to Christine.

“He is my big boy, everyone loves him. They generously even buy him dog treats and coats. This silly boy just wants to play, I really need to constantly keep an eye on him to make sure he is okay and doesn’t run off onto the road. But, he’s worth it!

He keeps me safe during the night, which is important for a woman living on the streets compared to a man.”

“In the past, when we’d be elsewhere, some of my regulars ask where had Max and I have been? They explain that they would guard our space from other homeless people taking over while we were away.


Max and I have become a unique feature around Euston Square.”


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