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Social Awareness, Installation, Illustration, Graphic Design
An installation which celebrates the bonds found between
homeless people and their pets, for their redemptive qualities.

Curation, Project Research, Project mamagement, Graphic Design Ting

Illustration Mongo Wang

Photography Documentation Unwoods Xiu Bhee Adok

The project was in collaboration with Dogs Trust Muswell Hill

"Companion"是一項林庭欣 Ting  發起於2017的空間設計畢業專題製作計畫。


與英國最大狗兒動保組織下的慈善商店合作, 舉辦為期兩日的快閃互動展覽。

將流浪者與他們的狗夥伴之間的系列故事設計將,插畫作品結合環境設計,包裝於Dog Trust Muswell Hill二手慈善商店的成列空間。觀者民眾的回應書寫留言轉印於斗篷上,拼布斗篷象徵著人狗之間強烈的情感,串連起他者的共鳴,透過活動設計與公共創作,增加當地消費群眾對他們處境的關注與同理心,同時重新省視動物在當代人類社會中,其於心靈情感層面所扮演的重要角色。

The series of installations were displayed in Dogs Trust Muswell Hill

and it welcomed the local community especially animal lovers who support the shop to learn more about the stories of homeless inter-species families, and encouraged them to participate a cloak making which symbolise the cares generated from public and

later be delivered to a homeless person and their dog companion.

The project aims for raising the awareness of homeless people who need supportive relationships not being provided in our society but fulfilled by their companion animals,

which reflects the need of cultivating a greater empathy in our society. Moreover,

how animals bring back the hope to those search for the light on the dark streets.

Project Concept


Interactive art process

Raising the awareness for homeless people and thier companion animals

6 Stories of Companionship


Based on true stories

Illustration & Prop Design





The stories of homeless and their animals were illustrated and designed as book jackets and vinyl covers. It hence to intrigue public's curiosity of understanding the street life and the ingenious of the people living without a shelter and how they cope their emotional contact with non-judgmental animals.

Photos of Events



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